Antigen testing near me

Antigen testing near me

Antigen testing near me

Antigen testing is available near you via AlphaBiolabs, the laboratory testing company now specialising in COVID-19 testing for workplaces, and the first company in the UK to provide an instant COVID-19 antigen test to workplaces.  

Supporting businesses is fundamental to AlphaBiolabs’ core offering. Since 2004, the company has been serving employers with a range of drug and alcohol testing services, to help keep workplaces safe and in the know when it comes to the impact of employees’ drug and alcohol consumption.

The impact of COVID-19 has seen employers turning to the company once again, for support with COVID testing that can help to limit an infection spread across the workplace before it starts.

Antigen testing, the new ‘hero’ in workplace coronavirus testing

Like the PCR test, Antigen testing can reveal when an employee is actively carrying the coronavirus and is therefore potentially infectious to other employees. What it does quicker than the PCR test however, is return a rapid result so that employers can make faster decisions when an employee tests positive.

In just 15 minutes the Antigen test will show a positive result where the tested person is carrying specific COVID-19 antigens. It does this via a small, portable immunoassay cassette which displays a result when a nose and throat sample is combined with a specific buffer liquid and dropped into a sample well on the cassette. Where a person is not carrying the coronavirus antigen the cassette will show a negative result.

The big difference between the Antigen and the PCR tests for employers is the ability to quickly test employees, on-site. There’s no need for medical assistance to oversee the sample collection and there’s no need for a laboratory process to test the sample.

Instead the self-contained kits allow employers to execute the whole process on-site, giving them the knowledge they need to make decision about what an infected employee should do next to avoid any spread amongst their workforce.

AlphaBiolabs provides a suite of COVID testing solutions

As well as the new Antigen test, AlphaBiolabs provides the ‘back to lab’ PCR test and the Antibody test to businesses. Combined, the tests will reveal historic and current COVID infections, giving employers a full picture of any infection spread across their sites.

Call AlphaBiolabs today, on: 0333 6001300 to talk to one of our Customer Services team about your testing needs. Or email:

You can order the instant rapid Antigen test online.

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AlphaBiolabs offers a range of COVID-19 testing options for private individuals and businesses