Medical assessments

Are you fit for work?

A Fit for work assessment is a bespoke medical performed to assess whether an employee can safely carry out a specific job or task. AlphaBiolabs has fully trained medical professionals that can assess an individual’s physical and mental capacities by undertaking several tests.

This type of medical assessment reassures an employer that their employee is fit to perform their role within the company. It also provides reassurance that the role will be performed safely and will not cause harm to any co-workers or the general public.

These kind of assessments are needed for a range of roles that require a fitness to work certificate, such as the railway industry (see also Personal Track Safety) and work at sea. They are also a requirement for employment involving work with substances hazardous to health, such as solvents, biological agents, or exposure to fumes and dust; work in environments with excessive noise or involving vibrating hand-held tools; and work at nights.

What happens in the assessment?

The assessment evaluates an individual’s physical and mental capacities by undertaking several tests. It takes about 45 minutes and measures lung function, blood pressure, urinalysis, pulse and includes a Snellen (eye) test. It also checks hearing and colour blindness, as well as the usual weight, height and BMI.

An advantage of the AlphaBiolabs Fit for work assessment is that it can be combined with drug and alcohol testing, saving you time and money in avoiding the need to schedule another appointment. Our assessors will take your samples and arrange to send them back to our UK-based laboratory should confirmation testing be needed.

AlphaBiolabs is known for its speed of service. We can schedule Fit for work assessments quickly to meet urgent needs. We offer dedicated testing facilities at our nationwide Walk in Centres, but also offer flexibility to travel to external locations with our portable equipment. Should lab confirmations be needed, we can provide next day results.

More information on Fit for work medicals can be found on our medical assessment home page.

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