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What is a baby gender DNA test? This is a non-invasive test that enables a pregnant lady to find out whether she is having a baby boy or a baby girl from just 8 weeks into her pregnancy.

The test is 100% safe to the mother and unborn child. A blood sample is all that is needed, which is usually taken from the mother’s arm.

Usually, mothers-to-be have to wait until their mid-pregnancy scan at around 16 weeks to determine the gender of their baby. However, scans don’t always get it right. Statistics show that ultrasounds can be wrong up to 10% of the time. Accurately determining a baby’s gender from a scan is reliant on the clarity of the ultrasound image, the expertise of the technician interpreting the image, and the baby being in the correct position in the first place to enable a good view of its genitals. 

How does baby gender DNA testing work?

The baby gender DNA test analyses a sample of blood from the mother to determine if any foetal DNA is present. A technique known as Next Generation Sequencing is then used to analyse the mother’s blood and look for any Y-chromosomal DNA. This is because a Y chromosome is male-specific. Therefore, the detection of a Y chromosome is indicative of a male child. If foetal DNA is detected without a Y chromosome it would suggest a female child. Baby gender testing can even be performed in twin pregnancies, to show whether at least one baby is male or that all babies are female.

Early detection helps with planning

Because the baby gender test can be performed about 8 weeks earlier than the mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan, there is more time available to plan for the impending birth. However, the mother must be at least 8 weeks’ pregnant to ensure that any Y chromosome present is at a detectable level. If the blood sample has insufficient DNA then another blood sample will need to be collected. An AlphaBiolabs sample collector can arrange to collect the blood sample, or a test kit can be mailed out to any address.

Non-invasive baby gender testing is available from £199. Results can be made available in 4–7 working days.

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