Can a test tell me if I have immunity to Covid?

Can a test tell me if I have immunity to Covid?

With no sign of the coronavirus pandemic easing, increasing numbers of people are asking the question: can a test tell me if I have immunity to Covid?

We all want immunity to the virus, whether by vaccination or prior exposure to the disease, as this is the key that will allow us to return in full to our pre-Covid lives.

Whilst no-one can guarantee that you have complete immunity to any disease, an antibody test can indicate whether or not your body has staged an immune response to the virus, either as a result of a previous infection or Covid-19 vaccination. The presence of antibodies means that you should have some protection against a serious infection and should be less infectious towards others.

AlphaBiolabs offers two types of antibody tests. Both can detect antibodies that are formed following a recent infection, or from vaccines (BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna®, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Sinovac Life Sciences). And both tests can be ordered direct from AlphaBiolabs’ website.

The Covid-19 S1-NAb antibody test can tell if an individual has antibodies within 10 minutes. This simple test only requires a finger-prick blood sample to detect the presence of neutralising antibodies. The portable device is similar to the lateral flow Covid antigen tests that we are all so familiar with, and the result is read as a positive line on the front of the device. It has a very high sensitivity of up to 99.9% and a very high specificity of up to 99.5%. The advantage of this rapid test is that it can be performed quickly and easily to reassure individuals prior to returning to work, attending an event, or visiting another densely populated venue.

For added peace of mind, an advanced Covid‑19 antibody test uses laboratory analysis to not only detect the presence of Covid-19-specific antibodies in a blood sample, but to quantitively determine the amount present. The easy-to-use sample collection kit is sent to a convenient address so the blood spot sample can be collected at home or work. After returning it to AlphaBiolabs’ UKAS-accredited laboratory, results are received within 3 working days. The report will inform you whether the level of Covid-19 antibodies within the sample is low, medium, high or not detected. As such, this innovative test can potentially highlight those people who have a poor immune response and therefore need to take extra care.

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