Can employers test employees for COVID-19? Which is the best type of test to use? How much does coronavirus testing cost? Read on to find out…

Can employers test employees for COVID-19?

Businesses that require a physically present workforce in order to keep running are undoubtedly looking for ways to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 spread amongst their staff.

As well as providing the now standard face masks and hand sanitisers, some may be wondering, can they also test their employees for COVID-19 infection?

The answer is, yes. Where you have a willing workforce, regular COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) testing is an effective way of making sure any case of coronavirus amongst your employees is stopped in its tracks.

So, what types of COVID-19 testing can you bring into your business?

PCR Testing

This test is the gold standard in COVID-19 testing and will pinpoint a current, active infection in an employee.

AlphaBiolabs provides a self-collection kit for this test, which involves using a mouth swab (which looks like a long cotton wool bud) to collect a sample from the throat and nasal areas. The sample is then packaged and returned to our dedicated COVID testing laboratory, where it will be analysed by our team of scientists who will return a result direct to you, the employer, within 1-2 working days. 

Antigen Testing

Antigen testing delivers the same service, only faster. This test can also be carried out by the employees themselves or with the help of an occupational health practitioner. Like the PCR test, a mouth swab sample is required, however the sample is then tested on-site, using equipment provided as part of the kit to determine a result within 15 minutes.

Antibody testing

Antibody testing will determine a recent or historic case of coronavirus infection, by examining a blood sample for the presence of COVID-specific antibodies. Like the PCR and Antigen tests, the sample collection is carried out by the individual and a short procedure follows to place the blood sample into an immunoassay device which will return a result within 15 minutes.

COVID-19 testing for the workplace is an effective way of making sure your employees remain COVID-free, or at least gives you the power to make quick decisions when an employee does present with symptoms or returns a positive result using one of the tests.

AlphaBiolabs provides COVID-19 tests as part of a suite of testing solutions for employers looking to take that extra step towards protecting their workforce. 

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