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With AlphaBiolabs’ prenatal DNA test, it is possible to perform a paternity test on an unborn child as early as seven weeks into the pregnancy. In circumstances where there is uncertainty surrounding the baby’s father, this innovative procedure can help to provide you with answers.

Is it safe to do a paternity test on an unborn child?

Yes. In the past, riskier and more invasive procedures have been required to obtain a sample of an unborn baby’s DNA (such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling).

However, this new type of paternity test for an unborn child is non-invasive and 100% safe for both the mother and the baby. There is no risk of miscarriage.

How does a paternity test for an unborn baby work?

When a baby is conceived, it inherits DNA from both of its parents. Our prenatal DNA test looks at the DNA samples from the mother, the alleged father, and the baby to identify which half of the DNA is inherited from the mother, and which half is from the father. If the baby and the alleged father share DNA, the man will be the child’s biological father.

Our prenatal paternity test is a non-invasive test which analyses the baby’s DNA within the mother’s bloodstream. We need a blood sample and two mouth swabs from the mother, along with two mouth swabs from the alleged father to perform this test. The mouth swabs allow us to collect cheek cell DNA.

Although these samples do not need to be collected in the same location, we do recommend that they should be collected around the same time to avoid any delay to the process. This also helps to prevent the risk of the blood samples haemolysing.

How accurate is a paternity test for an unborn child?

This is the most advanced prenatal paternity test currently available. Based on the samples we receive, we provide at least 99% probability of paternity in situations where the father is confirmed as the biological father.

How do I get a paternity test for an unborn baby?

AlphaBiolabs provide a choice of three convenient sample collection methods for prenatal paternity testing:

  • Both the blood and mouth swab samples can be collected at one of our Walk-in Centres. Find your nearest Walk-in Centre here.
  • We can arrange for one of our highly trained and experienced sample collectors to come to your home, or anywhere convenient to collect your samples.
  • We can send you a testing kit and you can arrange your own collections through your GP or another medical professional, such as a trained nurse or phlebotomist.

The testing process will begin once we receive your samples at our award-winning Warrington-based laboratory. Your confidential results will be emailed to you within seven days for £875. A six-month interest-free credit option is available too – call 0333 600 1300 to apply.

We also offer an express four-day service for an additional £200. Guaranteed results, or your money back.

Order your prenatal paternity test now, or call 0333 600 1300 to speak to one of our friendly Customer Services team about a paternity test for an unborn baby. You can also email for more information.

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AlphaBiolabs is an award-winning DNA testing lab. Prenatal paternity testing starts from £875.