Can I get a baby gender test in Cardiff?

Can I get a baby gender test in Cardiff?

Perhaps the most exciting part about bringing new life into the world, is when you find out whether your new baby is going to be a boy or a girl. Take our Baby Gender Test at our Cardiff Walk-in Centre, and you could find out as early as 8 weeks into your pregnancy what the sex of your baby is.

Our Baby Gender Test can be taken at our Cardiff Walk-in Centre by appointment, with one of our trained Sample Collectors, or it can be carried out in the privacy of your own home where our Collector will carefully take a blood sample from the expectant mother, to be analysed by our DNA scientists back at our laboratory.

How does the AlphaBiolabs baby gender test work and is it safe?

The AlphaBiolabs Baby Gender Test is 100% safe for you and your baby and is non-invasive. To carry out the test we require a venous blood sample from the mother’s arm, we do not need to use placental fluids.

We examine the mother’s blood sample to look for traces of foetal DNA, and within that, we look for evidence of any Y-chromosomal DNA.

Within each of our bodily cells there is a pair of sex chromosomes – within males, they carry one X and one Y chromosome, and within females – they carry two X chromosomes. The appearance of the Y chromosome determines that a baby is male, as this is specific to all males and males only. Equally, if there is no Y chromosome detected, then the baby is most definitely female.

Unlike the typical method of ultrasound for determining your baby’s gender, our Baby Gender Test analyses your baby’s DNA to get a 100% accurate result. Ultrasounds, where the sex of your baby can be determined, are usually performed much later into a pregnancy, usually around 16 weeks, and can sometimes give a wrong result.

They are often dependent on the position of your baby at the time of your scan, and a Sonographer needs clear sight of your baby’s genitals in order to reliably say what the sex is. This isn’t always possible and can sometimes lead to disappointment when you want to know for sure what you’re having, or indeed, if you’re given the wrong information!

From just as little as £179, AlphaBiolabs can provide you with the answer to that most exciting question of all. We will send your results back to you in a week, in a password protected email, or for an extra £60 we can fast track those results to you in four days.

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