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It is possible to find out the identity of a baby’s father before birth with a prenatal paternity test.

If there is any doubt over the paternity of a baby, DNA testing can confirm whether or not an individual is the child’s biological father while the mother is pregnant. Most paternity tests are carried out once the baby has been born but waiting to find out the truth can be an anxious time and can put a huge strain on relationships.

Prenatal DNA tests allow people to find out for certain whether they are the father of a baby during pregnancy, potentially saving them months of worry and doubt. It also gives all concerned parties time to accept the results and work out the best way forward before the arrival of a child.

Testing can take place as early as 6 weeks after the date of conception or when a woman is said to be 8 weeks pregnant.

What can I expect if I take a prenatal DNA test while pregnant?

AlphaBiolabs offers a risk-free way of testing paternity during pregnancy using a simple blood test. Unlike more invasive forms of prenatal DNA testing, which involve the extraction and analysis of the amniotic fluid which surrounds the baby in the womb, it cannot cause a miscarriage and will have no physical impact on the pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant, her blood contains traces of her baby’s DNA. Advances in technology and science mean it is now possible for this foetal DNA to be extracted from the blood sample and tested separately.

The potential father is asked to provide a sample of his DNA, which can be compared to the baby’s to determine whether they are biologically related. This is done using a quick and easy cheek swab which is a pain-free and reliable method of collecting genetic material for testing.

To ensure the testing process is accurate, the mother’s DNA sample is also analysed as babies inherit their genes from both parents. By studying the baby’s genetic profile, our scientists can accurately conclude whether the man who has provided the sample is actually the father.

AlphaBiolabs carries out all its DNA testing in complete confidence but both the mother and potential father must consent to their samples being submitted for analysis.

How will you collect the samples?

To ensure accuracy and minimise the risk of contamination, the mother’s blood sample must be taken by a trained professional. This can be a phlebotomist, nurse or one of our highly-skilled sample collection team.

There is no need for the mother and alleged father’s samples to be given at the same location but they should be collected at a similar time so there are no hold ups to the testing process. It is imperative that the mother’s sample is sent to the laboratory for testing as soon as it has been taken as delays can cause the red blood cells to break down making them unsuitable for analysis.

For your convenience, you can arrange for one of our sample collection team to carry out the test at a time and place to suit you. Alternatively, we have a network of Walk in Centres based all over the UK where samples can be collected.

How does prenatal DNA testing work?

AlphaBiolabs has an expert team of geneticists who will examine up to 35 short tandem repeat (STR) markers in the DNA profile taken from the foetus. For each of these STR markers, the baby will have two copies – one from his or her mother and one from the father.

Our laboratory staff will study the samples from the baby, mother and potential father. If the man is the father, then the baby’s STR markers will match those found in his sample, but if they don’t then he is not a biological parent.

At AlphaBiolabs, one of our key aims is to end the period of uncertainty over paternity as quickly as possible. To achieve this, we have made our DNA testing process as efficient as possible so we can provide accurate and confidential results within 4–7 days.

Our standard fee for prenatal paternity testing is £875 and your results will be sent to you within 7 working days of your samples being received by our laboratory staff. If you need the results as quickly as possible, you can choose to receive them within 4 working days by selecting our express option for an additional £200.

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