Can I get an instant coronavirus test?

It’s widely accepted that, in the absence of a vaccine, COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) testing remains essential to stop the spread of coronavirus, in its ability to separate those who are positive from those who aren’t, and who, more importantly, are vulnerable.

One group of people to feel the huge benefits of coronavirus testing is employers. Employers concerned about the welfare of their business as well as that of their employees are turning to instant COVID-19 screening programmes to help them minimise the likelihood of a viral spread and limit any impact on their operations.

Whilst there are a number of different tests employers can use, instant coronavirus testing is perhaps the most effective for businesses because it returns a result in a little as 15 minutes, identifying any employees with a current COVID-19 infection who should be separated from the rest of the team.

Instant coronavirus testing serves to protect not only the employees themselves, but other employees, clients, customers and suppliers serving that business, potentially at risk from catching the virus themselves as a result of coming into contact or secondary contact with that employees.

AlphaBiolabs instant COVID-19 Antigen test

With up to 97.5% sensitivity and a specificity rate of over 99.9% for COVID-19 antigens, the AlphaBiolabs instant COVID-19 Antigen test is a game changer for businesses.

It can rapidly identify a positive case of coronavirus using just a nose and throat swab sample and a small immunoassay screening device. The device, along with the rest of the testing equipment, is contained within a kit box that can be used onsite, by the employee themselves or with assistance from a company occupational health practitioner.

Its rapid results mean quick decisions can be made where employees test positive. It allows businesses to avoid unnecessary employee absences where COVID-19 is suspected but not proven, or is not present.  

Employers can also use our laboratory-based PCR COVID-19 testing, considered the ‘gold standard’ of coronavirus testing. This test is conducted at our specialist facility by our trained scientists, who analyse all samples for the presence of viral RNA. Their expertise means results can be turned around as quickly as the next working day, guaranteed.

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