Can I get an instant COVID-19 test?

Can I get an instant COVID-19 test?

An instant COVID-19 test will give you results in just 15 minutes, allowing you to make quick decisions to suit you and your employees where you are managing a team of staff and one, or several of them, has tested positive.

Whilst PCR laboratory testing is considered to be the leader in COVID-19 testing, it does take longer to give a result, so when you require a quick answer an instant COVID-19 test will save you time, worry and ultimately your bottom line as it can help protect your business from unwarranted COVID-19 absences and the likelihood of a widespread breakout across your workforce.

Instant COVID-19 testing can be carried out onsite, by your employees, using a self-contained sample collection kit. The comprehensive instructions guide the user through the sample collection process and how to test a sample using the enclosed lateral flow, immunoassay device.

The device gives a reading within 15 minutes, revealing either a negative or positive result. The immunoassay device is proven to have a sensitivity rating of up to 97.5% and specificity rate of over 99.9% for the COVID-19 antigen.

AlphaBiolabs COVID-19 Testing

AlphaBiolabs has been working with UK businesses since 2004 to meet their drug and alcohol testing requirements. We are now proud to have launched a suite of COVID-19 testing options for employers looking to safeguard themselves and their employees from the effects of COVID-19 and to keep their businesses running with as much certainty as is possible during this pandemic.

We are so confident in our COVID-19 testing options that we continue to use the tests for our own staff, as we did so during the recent country-wide lockdown and as a result, were able to continue operating safely and keep our business running at full capacity

Your business can do the same with the instant COVID-19 antigen test, available from the AlphaBiolabs website, where our full range of COVID-19 tests can be found.

We also offer the ‘gold standard’ laboratory PCR test as well as the instant COVID-19 Antibody test which can help employers pinpoint staff members who might have previously contracted the virus.

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AlphaBiolabs offers a range of COVID-19 testing options for private individuals and businesses