Can I pay for a COVID-19 Antigen test?

Employers looking to protect their workforce from a spread of COVID-19 can pay for an Antigen test that will determine an employee’s infection status in a little as 15 minutes.

The COVID-19 Antigen test is so efficient, it can be carried out onsite, quickly, with no requirement for laboratory testing and with minimum effort on the part of the tested person.

The Antigen test analyses a nose and throat specimen, collected with a sterile swab. The specimen is mixed with a buffer solution and dropped into a sample well on the test’s lateral flow, immunoassay device which will return a result within 15 minutes via a display window.

The advantages of being able to screen your employees in this short space of time include the ability to rapidly identify and isolate infected employees from the general workforce, and therefore minimise the risk of a wider COVID-19 spread across your workplace.

In identifying infected staff your business will also be serving employees’ loved ones, by helping to reduce transmission within families and to people within their support bubbles.

Testing also gives employers the opportunity to reduce and plan ahead for any disruptions to the running of your business and any significant staffing issues brought on by those self-isolating and those who may be taking self-isolating unnecessarily.

COVID-19 Testing for Workplaces

AlphaBiolabs is now specialising in supporting workplaces with tailored COVID-19 testing programmes, just as we have done with our drug and alcohol testing support since 2004.

Our support packages include the supply of sample self-collection kits with instant results for both the Antigen and Antibody tests. We can also provide rt PCR testing – the test that’s considered to be the gold standard in COVID-19 testing – via our dedicated COVID-19 testing laboratory.

AlphaBiolabs also provides COVID-19 PCR testing to members of the public. For more information about this and AlphaBiolabs’ range of COVID-19 testing products, visit: or call our friendly Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300.

Order a coronavirus test

AlphaBiolabs offers a range of COVID-19 testing options for private individuals and businesses