If you’ve had your Covid-19 vaccination, you may be wondering whether it has been effective and if your body has developed antibodies as a result.

Taking a Covid antibody test will tell you whether or not you have developed antibodies designed to fight off a coronavirus infection. Antibodies are developed either from catching the virus itself or from being vaccinated against it.

AlphaBiolabs offers an advanced Covid-19 laboratory antibody test which can be ordered online for £49.50.

The sample collection kit will be sent to your home and will include everything you need to take the test and send it back to our award-winning UK laboratory for analysis.

To take the test, you will need to use the sterile lancet provided to prick your fingertip and obtain a small blood sample. This must then be posted back to us in the pre-paid envelope included in your kit.

Once we receive your sample, our team of specialist Covid-19 scientists will examine your blood for evidence of Covid-specific Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies. IgG is the most commonly found antibody type and is developed by the body to remember different viral and bacterial infections to help your immune system jump into action when it encounters them again.

You will receive your result by email within three days of our laboratory receiving the blood sample. Your email will tell you whether or not Covid-specific antibodies were found in the sample and it will also tell you your IgG levels.

You will be given a quantitative result plus an explanation of whether this indicates a high, medium or low level of antibodies.

What do my results mean?

High levels of antibodies mean that your body is better equipped to effectively fight off an infection, whereas lower levels may mean that you would benefit from a booster dose of a vaccine, or should be extra cautious about going anywhere where you may be exposed to the virus.

Antibody test results can only tell you about the level of antibodies found in your sample and cannot guarantee you will not catch Covid-19 in the future. Your antibody levels may also change over time, so if you are concerned and want to monitor them, we recommend regular testing every one to two months.

AlphaBiolabs also offers rapid antibody tests for professional and business use, which can confirm whether or not someone has antibodies for Covid-19 in just 10 minutes.

The rapid test uses a lateral flow device and doesn’t need to be sent to a laboratory to obtain results. Simply place a few drops of blood and a buffer solution onto the testing device and it will display two red lines if antibodies are detected.

If no antibodies are found, it will show a single red line. If the result is inconclusive or the test has not worked, it will remain the same as it did before use and show a single blue control line.

Order an antibody test for Covid online

Both types of Covid antibody and immunity test are available to order from our website now: