Cast and crew Covid testing

Cast and crew Covid testing

The TV and film industry is facing unprecedented challenges to protect the health and safety of cast and crew while sticking to production schedules.

AlphaBiolabs offers a range of Covid-19 testing services to help prevent outbreaks of the virus on set and avoid delays and interruptions to filming. Cast and crew covid testing can identify anyone with an active coronavirus infection, even if they are not experiencing any of the symptoms associated with the virus.

This reduces the risk of asymptomatic carriers of the virus unwittingly passing it on to others while at work. Regular testing, combined with your existing covid-safe procedures and social distancing measures, will help protect your cast and crew and minimise the disruption to both filming and production.

AlphaBiolabs can develop a programme of testing to meet your specific needs. If members of your cast and crew need to travel outside the UK, we can also provide fit to fly certificates with negative test results.

And we are able to offer lateral flow testing, PCR testing, or a combination of both at time intervals to suit you.

How does the Covid testing work?

PCR testing is considered the gold standard of Covid-19 tests and uses a process known as real time polymerase chain reaction to look for genetic material belonging to the virus. The samples can be collected at a location of your choice before being sent back to our UK-based laboratory for expert analysis.

Your employees will use a swab to collect cells from their nasal cavity and the back of their throat. This can be done either by themselves or under the supervision of a medical professional or occupational health team.

Once our laboratory has received the samples, we can provide same-day results via email.

In addition to PCR testing, AlphaBiolabs offers rapid lateral flow testing. These tests can be carried out on site and provide a result in just 15 to 30 minutes.

Our individually-packaged test kits require nose and throat swab samples to test for Covid-19 antigens. If the virus is detected, two lines will appear on the device but if the result is negative, it will display only one.

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