An anti-drink driving campaign have enclosing wrecked and burnt-out toy cars as a prize within cereal boxes to send a sobering message to potential drunk drivers.

The Canadian advert agency Rethink, working alongside the anti-drink driving group Arrive Alive handed out free samples of Arrowhead Mills cereal to Ontario College students.

Upon opening the boxes the students would find a freshly-packaged toy car inside, only to realise that it was a wrecked car, replicating the kind of damage that could be caused from a drunk driving accident.

Of course a damaged car is not the worst scenario that could occur from drink driving, but it is a twist on a common cereal box prize with an unusual message.

Upon the packaging it reads: ‘Just because you slept doesn’t mean you’re sober… it can take 12 hours for the effects of a night out to wear off.’

It adds: ‘Never drive impaired. Even in the morning … arrive alive, drive sober.’


Although the amount of students the actual wrecked cars reached is arguably negligible, it may have raised awareness amongst those who have heard about the campaign and have been provided with a sobering thought through a neat idea.

The packaging may be scrutinised as it is largely reminiscent of a well-known toy car making brand, but an exception to copyright law may be admissible when it is for a worthy cause.

The main concern is perhaps within the message itself, stating it can take twelve hours for the effects of a night out to wear off. Whereas this may seem like a long time frame and could certainly exceed the recovery time of what some would regard as a night out – it is not the maximum time it could take – depending on exactly how much alcohol has been consumed.

Because of the short, snappy nature of the message this is not made completely clear and may be dispelling one myth and replacing it with another, despite their heart being in the right place.

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