It’s not exactly a claim to be proud of, but Scotland has topped the list of countries who snort the most amount of cocaine in one sitting; and 30% claim they can have the drug delivered faster than a pizza.

The results from Global Drug Survey highlight that Scots take in more than double the average global amount of coke in the one session. The average is 0.5 g with Scotland snorting 1.2 g in one go. England comes in at second place with 0.7 g. The report authors warn that easy access and higher drug purity are likely to lead to escalating use and harm amongst people.

“Speedy home shopping delivery is part our lives and represents the expansion and sophistication of retail markets around the world. In the same way that online shopping is leading to the decimation of many high streets, the online drugs trade may be putting many street dealers out of business”, says Professor Adam R. Winstock, Founder & CEO of the Global Drug Survey.

The report findings show that illicit drugs, such as cocaine, are now considered just another commodity. As with any competitive market place, a retailer with something to sell will look at ways to gain a competitive edge over other suppliers. Reducing the time between purchase and delivery is one such way to maximise business efficiency. However, rapid delivery may lead some people to use more cocaine more often and, hence, more easily lose control over its use, warns Professor Winstock.

In the UK, 80% of recent users reported same day delivery of cocaine being available; with 36.7% of users in Glasgow and 26.7% in London reporting delivery within 30 minutes.

Professor Winstock said: “Overall our findings suggest there is a need to engage people who use drugs in honest conversations about drug use. Zero tolerance approaches do not allow governments to optimise public health policies or health promotion approaches. People who use drugs are interested in their own health and well-being and that of their friends and communities. We need to harness the expertise and interest of the drug using community to help them stay safe, without ideological barriers that prevent the adoption of evidence-based drug policies.”

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