Cocaine drug testing in London

Cocaine drug testing in London

Once known as, ‘the Cocaine Capital of Europe’ London is said to consume around 23kg of cocaine a day – twice as much as any other European city. The cocaine industry across the city is said to be worth an estimated £1billion with the equivalent of 567,445 doses consumed in one day. There is clearly a role for cocaine drug testing in London and one company specialising in this field is providing much needed support to companies and authorities trying to stamp it out. 

AlphaBiolabs carries out drug and alcohol testing for employers in the construction, energy, transport, utilities, manufacturing, aviation and health care sectors, and on behalf of family law courts and solicitors, as well as operating two drug and alcohol testing Walk-in Centres  in London (located in Camden and Lambeth) for members of the public undertaking their own, or legally-enforced tests.

Rachel Davenport, AlphaBiolabs Commercial Director says for employers, drug use amongst employees is a worrying and costly habit, as it not only poses a threat to the employees themselves and their colleagues, but to the liability of employers, too.

“Employees under the influence of drugs could cause significant harm to themselves, their colleagues, the public and the business itself. Random drug testing is proven to be a strong deterrent for staff who are drug taking, and can reduce the number of incidents, ill health, absenteeism and litigation.”

How is cocaine drug testing carried out?

AlphaBiolabs’ carries out cocaine drug testing via a number of methods – analysing hair, nail, urine and oral fluid samples at its specialised UK laboratory. Samples are taken by either trained sample collectors, or within a workplace by staff trained by AlphaBiolabs trainers.

Drug screening results are available instantly (not in the case of hair or nail) and any ‘non-negative’ results are returned to the laboratory for confirmatory testing.

How to order cocaine drug testing in London

For our workplace customers, AlphaBiolabs can create a bespoke drug and alcohol testing programme for your business and implement this policy for a fully managed solution. For a consultation with no obligation, or information on any of our workplace testing services, call us on 0333 600 1300 or email at

Alongside its drug and alcohol testing functions, AlphaBiolabs has set up a COVID-19 testing service to support companies seeking to keep their workplaces safe, reassure staff and maintain business continuity.