COVID-19 (coronavirus) testing in Liverpool

COVID-19 (coronavirus) testing in Liverpool

Since Liverpool City Region was placed onto the ‘Very High’ Local Covid Alert Level, there has been even more pressure on people wanting to be privately tested for the coronavirus infection. The increase in case numbers has stretched the public sector testing capacity and now individuals and businesses alike are looking to arrange their own private tests.

For COVID-19 testing in Liverpool, there is a UKAS accredited laboratory who can supply testing kits for both PCR and rapid tests also conduct the PCR analysis from its own dedicated COVID laboratory based in Warrington.  

For individuals and businesses based in Liverpool looking for the best COVID-19 testing option for their requirements – laboratory PCR or instant, rapid test – a single call or email to one of the specialists at AlphaBiolabs is all that is needed to arrange delivery of the testing kits.

Private COVID-19 testing in Liverpool with next day results                       

Soaring demand for Covid-19 testing has resulted in lack of appointment availability and increased turnaround times. For individuals who may be caring for vulnerable relatives, working in essential roles or who have family members displaying symptoms it is essential for them to access testing at the earliest opportunity so that they can self-isolate if necessary.

For many people who have chosen to travel overseas it is now a pre-requisite to provide proof that they do not have the coronavirus infection and as access to NHS testing services is not permitted for these purposes, private testing is the only option. Fit to fly testing with a fit to fly certificate is available as our standard testing.

The AlphaBiolabs home COVID-19 PCR test detects the presence of COVID-19-specific RNA within a positive sample. The testing kit is sent to you directly with full instructions on how to take the nose and throat samples. Once collected, your samples are returned to the testing laboratory in pre-paid and tracked-return packaging. You will receive your results by email the next working day.

PCR and rapid Covid-19 test options for businesses in Merseyside

Findings from official sources published at the end of September showed that after schools and care homes, the greatest instances of respiratory disease outbreaks occurred in the workplace. Working from home is not an option for many businesses and across many industries where testing is essential if the workplace is to remain safe and operational.

There are two key types of instant, rapid testing for Covid-19, one which detects a current infection (antigen) and one which detects a previous infection (antibody). A swab test involves a sample being sent to the laboratory for analysis whilst rapid screening kits deliver results onsite within 15 minutes

The fastest PCR swab test results available in Liverpool

The PCR swab test is regarded as the gold standard in Covid-19 testing. It looks for the presence of viral RNA in the body, by examining a nose and throat swab sample and by detecting viral RNA, which will be present in the body before antibodies form or symptoms of the disease appear, this PCR swab test (antigen) is an early detector of COVID-19 infection.

The sample collection involves using a sterile viral collection swab (which looks like a long cotton wool bud) to collect a sample from the nasal and throat areas. The testing kits can be dispatched so that employees can administer the test themselves or alternatively a company nurse or OH professional can perform the collection.

Samples returned to AlphaBiolabs’ Covid-19 laboratory facility are tested using PCR extraction methods and in the event of no Covid-19 RNA being detected, the sample will be reported as being negative.

Results for the private Covid-19 test can be returned next day from receipt of the samples and staff with negative results can safely return to work. Any asymptomatic carriers can be immediately isolated are removed from the workplace to avoid future spread.

Covid-19 private antigen test in 15 minutes

AlphaBiolabs has launched the first instant Covid-19 antigen test kit in the UK to help workplaces  deal with the shortage of ‘back to laboratory’ PCR tests. The kit was developed following huge demand from companies seeking to screen their staff without having to wait days for the results to become available following laboratory analysis.

Once samples have been taken from the nose and throat, the result is known within 15 minutes. The instant testing devices may not be as accurate as ‘back to laboratory’ PCR testing but they are faster, more cost-effective and are certainly fit for purpose in terms of detecting an active Covid-19 test.

To carry out the antigen test a swab sample is required to collect a nose and throat specimen which is then inserted into a small tube containing a buffer liquid. Two drops of the liquid are then added to a sample well on the immunoassay device. The device will then clearly display one of two possible results – positive or negative.

AlphaBiolabs can provide your organisation with a customised COVID-19 testing programme to suit your needs, which includes, sample collection kits with instant results (in the case of our antigen and antibody test) or on-site sample collections by our experienced sample collection team (in the case of PCR tests), in over 90% of UK locations.

Antibody testing results onsite within 15 minutes

Antibody rapid screening kits can identify an employee’s immunological response to a coronavirus from 21 days after exposure to the Covid-19 virus or 7 days onwards after the onset of symptoms.

This portable, immunoassay instant screening device is ideal for on-site use. The CE-marked, single-use test analyses a finger-prick blood sample to detect a body’s immunological response to an active/current or recent/previous exposure to COVID-19. It does this by detecting both early and late marker antibodies.

Following a rigorous review of the technical data of the current Covid-19 immunoassay devices available, our scientific team deemed our screening devices as the most accurate. Additionally, the reliability and accuracy of our Covid-19 antibody screening kits has been verified during a recent NHS evaluation.

For more information on COVID-19 testing in Liverpool, please contact our Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300, or email

AlphaBiolabs has a Walk-in Centre located in Liverpool (appointment only) based Trident House, 31 – 33 Dale Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 2HF.

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