With the COVID-19 pandemic set to run into autumn and winter, its impact on the way organisations operate will most certainly continue too, as employers work hard to keep their workforces protected and their work sites functioning through various methods.

One such method that affords many employers the chance to manage an outbreak of coronavirus is a COVID-19 testing programme, whereby employees are tested using either the PCR, antigen or antibody test, or in some cases a combination, to make sure the risk of spreading infection is kept to an absolute minimum.

A COVID-19 employee screening programme offers many benefits. As well as the ability to rapidly identify and isolate infected employees, it could also pinpoint anyone carrying the virus who is not showing symptoms. It is reported that up to 80 per cent of people are asymptomatic whilst carrying the virus, which makes it harder for people to know when to self-isolate or take extra precautions without the back up of a positive test result.

So how do I implement a COVID-19 PCR testing programme into my business?

To help businesses keep their employees safe and their workplaces functioning, AlphaBiolabs has developed a rapid rt PCR COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) test.

We are so confident in the test, that in order to ensure we could continue to deliver vital testing services to our customers throughout the recent lockdown, we rolled the test out to our own employees with great success.

Our rt PCR COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) test can be carried out by the individual themselves, or with the help of an occupational health practitioner. The swabs are rubbed within the throat and nasal cavity to collect enough cells for testing back at our dedicated COVID-19 laboratory.

Upon receipt, our team of scientists will rapidly analyse the samples to get a result within 1-2 working days, and your employees’ results will be sent direct to you, the employer, so that you can support your employees to make the best choices about self-isolation, as well as ensuring all cases of absence due to COVID-19 are in line with your company policies.

AlphaBiolabs can provide your organisation with a customised COVID-19 testing programme to suit your needs, which includes, sample collection kits with instant results (in the case of our antigen and antibody test) or on-site sample collections by our experienced sample collection team (in the case of PCR tests), in over 90% of UK locations.

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