Covid testing for cast members and film crews can help prevent coronavirus outbreaks on set.

Not everyone with an active Covid-19 infection experiences the symptoms associated with the virus – a high temperature, loss of taste or smell, or a continuous cough. This means that simply asking any cast or crew members with symptoms to self-isolate is not enough to stop transmission of the virus.

Carrying out regular testing on both cast members and film crews can help make your workplace safer for everyone, especially if combined with additional hygiene, social distancing and other covid-safe procedures.

AlphaBiolabs can carry out covid testing to meet your specific requirements. This could mean introducing regular testing every few days, or testing certain team members who come into close contact with others as a part of their work.

Whatever your needs are, we will devise and deliver a customised testing programme to suit your needs and minimise disruption to your filming and production schedules.

What does covid testing involve?

The PCR testing process itself is quick and simple. Those taking the test use a swab to collect a sample of cells from their nose and throat, which is then sent to our own in-house laboratory.

Using a scientific method called polymerase chain reaction, the cells in the sample are multiplied to make it easier to detect RNA (genetic material) belonging to the Covid-19 virus. We offer same-day results so you can quickly take steps to protect your team if a positive case is found.

We are also able to provide individually packaged rapid lateral flow testing kits that can be used on set for near-instant results. Sample collection for these antigen tests also involves taking a swab from the nose and throat, but this is then put straight into a device which looks for evidence of the virus.

With lateral flow testing, a result is available within 15 to 30 minutes with no need for laboratory testing.

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