The impact of a COVID-19 outbreak can be critical to a business which is why COVID testing for workers is increasingly being introduced.

For several high-profile food distribution and construction companies, where despite precautions having been taken, the consequences of an outbreak have already had a serious impact in terms of cost and reputation.

One of the most fundamental tools in providing that reassurance, over and above the hand gels and the face masks, is the provision of COVID-19 testing. Unlike the other safety measures, testing will allow you to screen your workforce and isolate carriers of the virus, immediately.

Coronavirus testing for workers

Testing is acknowledged as one of the keys to fighting COVID-19, yet much confusion still exists about the types of testing and what each of them is for. Essentially, there are two types – one to detect a current infection and one to detect a previous infection – via our world-class, dedicated testing laboratory, AlphaBiolabs provides both.

Antibody testing onsite

Taking only 15 minutes to perform with instant results, our antibody rapid screening kits can identify an employee’s immunological response to a coronavirus infection from 21 days after exposure to the COVID-19 virus or 7 days onwards after the onset of symptoms. The CE-marked, single use test analyses a finger-prick blood sample to detect a body’s immunological response to an active or recent exposure to COVID-19.

As well as being widely used in Germany, the reliability and accuracy of the antibody screening kit has been verified during a recent NHS evaluation.

The results from our antibody tests can help managers identify high-risk environments and spot patterns of infection allowing measures to be put in place to minimise future risks of exposure.

Antigen COVID-19 testing

AlphaBiolabs has invested in a world-class laboratory facility in the North-West which is dedicated to workplace COVID-19 PCR Swab Testing.  Unlike the antibody test, no blood sample is needed.

The sample collection involves using a sterile viral collection swab (which looks like an extra-long cotton wool bud) to collect a sample from the nasal and throat areas. Testing kits can be mailed out so that employees can administer the COVID-19 PCR test themselves or alternatively, AlphaBiolabs’ sample collectors, a company nurse or OH professional can perform the collection.

Samples are tested using the latest cutting-edge automated PCR extraction methods and in the event of no COVID-19 RNA being detected, AlphaBiolabs will report the sample as being negative. Results can be returned within 1–2 days from receipt of the samples and staff with negative results can safely return to work. Any asymptomatic carriers can be immediately isolated and removed from the workplace to avoid future spread.

Our COVID-19 tests are part of a suite of testing solutions that we offer employers looking to take that extra step towards protecting their workforce. 

AlphaBiolabs has been providing award-winning DNA, drug and alcohol testing solutions to workplaces across the UK, since 2004.

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For further information on our two workplace COVID-19 tests: IgM-IgG Combined Antibody Rapid Test or our COVID-19 PCR test, please email or call us on 0333 600 1300.

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