The production of the base ingredient of cocaine in Columbia has risen dramatically reaching record levels according to a US report published by the White House.

Despite efforts of US eradication, statistics show production of coca rose by 18% in the last year and there was also a noticeable rise in personal use of cocaine in Columbia.

South America remains the

main producer and supplier of cocaine to the markets around the world. Officials estimate 465,000 acres of land consists of coca plants.

A need for change

The country is about to begin to implement a strategy to reduce drug trafficking and to work with the government to replace the coca plants with legal crops such as fruit and vegetables. So far thousands of families have signed this agreement however, there is scepticism amongst experts that poorer farmers will be willing to give up the illicit crop which their livelihoods are dependent on.

Colombia’s chief prosecutor said “we cannot allow drug trafficking to coexist with peace and reconciliation”.

The police and military have already begun to eradicate the laboratories that are using the coca to produce cocaine paste.

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