Police have raised concerns about illegal drugs which have been marketed to appeal to children.

Three 12-year-olds in Salford had to be rushed to hospital after taking ‘Teddy Tablets’, a type of ecstasy pill which is designed to look like a harmless sweet. Two of the girls had taken three tablets each while another had only taken half a pill.

All three children are in a stable condition and police have arrested and bailed a man and woman on suspicion of possessing illegal substances.

Greater Manchester Police’s Detective Chief Inspector Chris Walker said: “The girls took a type of ecstasy described as Teddy Tablets. It is imperative young people understand the implications and avoid taking drugs, to stop any more young people ending up in hospital.”

He said that the people taking the drugs often had no idea what effect it would have on them or even what ingredients the tablets contain.

He added: “It’s not worth the risk of ending up in hospital or even suffering fatal consequences.”

Illegal substances created in novelty shapes

There is a growing number of drugs designed to appeal to a young audience. Some look like Lego bricks and are three times stronger than regular ecstasy tablets, while others are in the shape of logos which are familiar to children like Superman and Burger King.

Kenny Simpson, a drug expert for Police Scotland, said: “There are a number of well-made, cut out-style ecstasy tablets in circulation. Some are three times the strength of average round ecstasy pills,
significantly raising the potential for serious or fatal overdose.”

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