Addicts are being targeted by drug dealers as they receive addiction treatment in UK hospitals.

The police have increased patrols and are even planning to employ a dedicated officer at the biggest hospital in Scotland, according to the Daily Record. Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital treats large numbers of people who are dependent on drugs.

But while those with addiction problems are at the hospital for help, it is claimed drug dealers are approaching them as they leave the hospital building and tempting them with illegal substances. The Daily Record says patients have been offered a number of drugs including heroin, cannabis and Valium.

In response to this, the police is planning to boost its presence at the hospital and deter drug dealers from attempting to sell their wares on site.

The Daily Record quoted a source as saying: “You’re getting dealers hanging about outside targeting people who are leaving, or in-patients coming out for fresh air or a cigarette.”

On many occasions, the dealers are approaching people who have been customers of theirs in the past and who they know have addiction issues.

Police are monitoring the area

Chief Inspector Simon Jeacocke, south-west Glasgow’s police commander, said the force had received complaints about anti-social behaviour in the area surrounding the hospital.

He told the Daily Record: “My officers regularly patrol this area as part of their normal duties. And this will be enhanced with the addition of a dedicated liaison officer who will be based within the hospital itself.”

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