The demand for paternity tests in Turkey has increased by approximately three-fold in the last 6 years, according to private DNA testing clinics in the country.

Daytime TV shows involving relationship drama are being blamed for the notable increase, which are causing men to question whether they are the real father, reports the Turkish online newspaper Habertürk. Registry mistakes, inheritance lawsuits and infant mix-ups at hospitals are also thought to have influenced this increase.

An academic from the Istanbul University Institute of Forensic Sciences admits that people are more sceptical now, and many men have their tests done at private clinics because they prefer anonymity.

The cost of having a paternity test in Turkey ranges from 1000–5000 Turkish Liras (about £200–£1000). Aside from legal cases, the government does not cover the cost of paternity tests. Both public and private hospitals provide paternity tests, but Turkish courts only accept tests conducted at public institutions.

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