Discreet, confidential DNA testing – what you need to know

Discreet, confidential DNA testing – what you need to know

As an award-winning, UKAS-accredited DNA testing laboratory, we are often asked how we can guarantee discretion for customers who choose us for their DNA testing.

After all, DNA testing can be an extremely sensitive subject, especially in circumstances such as paternity testing, where the identity of a child’s biological father is in question.

In this article, we look at how you can order a discreet DNA test online, and how we maintain 100% confidentiality and privacy for customers ordering a peace of mind DNA test, including sending test kits out in discreet, plain packaging, and secure, confidential delivery of the results.

Why is privacy important for DNA testing?

There are many reasons why privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance for peace of mind DNA testing and for people ordering DNA tests online.

For example, you might be a mother who has suspicions that your child’s father is not the biological father of your child(ren). Or you may have longstanding questions about a biological relationship to a family member for which you want answers.

In circumstances such as these, having an open and honest conversation about your decision to order a DNA test is always recommended, so that you have a complete understanding of how the DNA test results might affect family relationships.

However, many people who buy DNA tests online choose to do so without telling anyone about their decision to order a test.

This is completely understandable and means that discreet delivery of the DNA test kit – and the DNA test results – is essential.

What is discreet DNA testing?

Discreet DNA testing can have several meanings, from the test being sent to your address in discreet, plain packaging to the delivery of your test results in a secure, confidential way.

Discreet DNA testing can also refer to the method of collecting the DNA samples.

For example, if you wanted to perform a ‘discreet’ paternity test on an older child (under 16 years of age), an alternative method of DNA sample collection could be used (instead of a cheek swab) to prevent any awkward questions.

In these instances, you may choose to order a toothbrush DNA test or a nail DNA test for a more discreet method of sample collection.

However, it’s important to note that a discreet DNA test does not mean that the test can be performed without the consent of anyone over the age of 16 whose DNA is being submitted for testing.

Any person over the age of 16 must provide written consent (a signature) before their DNA samples can be used for testing.

For a child under the age of 16, only parental consent is required to carry out the test. This consent must be given by a person with parental responsibility for the child.

Without the correct consent, a DNA test cannot be performed.

Will my DNA test kit and DNA test results be sent discreetly?

As an award-winning, UKAS ISO 17025-accredited provider of peace of mind DNA testing in the UK, we are often asked how our DNA test kits are sent out and whether it will be obvious from the packaging that a DNA test kit has been ordered.

We are also asked how privacy and confidentiality is maintained throughout the testing process, including delivery of the DNA test results.

Thankfully, when you choose AlphaBiolabs for your DNA testing, you can be sure that you will receive 100% confidentiality throughout the testing process.

Here are just a few reasons why you can trust us for discreet DNA testing:

  • Discreet, plain packaging: All our peace of mind DNA tests are sent out in discreet, plain packaging, so you can be sure that privacy is maintained when your DNA test kit arrives at its destination. This is especially important if you do not want others to know that you have ordered a DNA test and helps you to keep your decision private and confidential.
  • Password-protected results: Your secure, password-protected results are sent to the email address you provide when placing your order. You will be asked to choose your own password when placing your order, meaning that your results are completely private. We will also only discuss details of the DNA testing with those who are entitled to know i.e. on receipt of the correct passwords or answers to unique security questions.
  • We keep all correspondence confidential: DNA testing can be an extremely emotional time, and not all our customers want other people to know that they are undertaking such tests.

That’s why we go to great lengths to minimise any chance of the company name being recognised in any correspondence.

For example, online payment transactions do NOT name AlphaBiolabs as the recipient on bank statements.

  • We don’t sell your data: We limit access to your personal data to those people who have a business need to know. They will only process your personal data on our instructions, and they are subject to a duty of confidentiality.
  • We keep your results and personal information secure: We work hard to protect your data from being disclosed or accessed in an unauthorised way by using a secure server that protects any financial transactions on our website. We also take appropriate physical, electronical and managerial measures to ensure that any data disclosed to us is kept completely confidential.
  • We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation: This means that DNA samples are destroyed after 3 months and all identification documents – hard copy and electronic files – are destroyed after 12 months.

Where can I order a discreet DNA test?

As an award-winning testing laboratory, with many years’ experience offering DNA testing for members of the public, we understand the sensitivities surrounding DNA tests and the decision to order a peace of mind DNA test online.

That’s why we’ve taken steps to ensure 100% confidentiality and privacy for all our DNA testing. 

You can order your peace of mind DNA test online quickly and easily online now. Simply choose your preferred DNA test, place your order, and we’ll ship your test kit out to you immediately in discreet, plain packaging.

If you would like confidential advice or guidance on which test is best for you, call our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 or email info@alphabiolabs.com.

You can also use our Live Chat function to speak to a support specialist now.

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