Would you love to know whether your twins are truly identical?

A DNA test for twins – also known as a zygosity test – can satisfy your curiosity once and for all and tell you whether your children are genetically identical. The same testing process can also be used for other multiple births, such as triplets and quadruplets.

AlphaBiolabs is an award-winning laboratory based in the UK and has been trusted to carry out DNA testing for a number of TV shows, including This Morning and Family Finders. Our DNA twin test is the fastest in the world and you can choose from same-day or next-day results.

For £99, you will be emailed your results the next working day after we receive your DNA samples for testing, or you can upgrade to same-day results for an additional £70.

In addition to the results, you will receive a keepsake certificate, which would make a unique and memorable gift for twins or their parents.

Identical siblings are known as monozygotic and come from the same egg, which has split after fertilisation. This means that they are genetically identical and will share the same DNA.

Non-identical twins are known as dizygotic. They come from separately fertilised eggs and while they will have DNA in common as siblings, there will also be genetic differences.

It is not always obvious whether twins, triplets or other multiples are identical, as even non-identical siblings can look extremely similar. It is also possible for identical twins to have different amniotic sacs and placentas, depending on when the egg split into separate embryos.

How does the DNA twin test work?

When you order one of our twin DNA tests, you will be sent a sample collection kit with clear instructions on how to use it. Your kit will include mouth swabs that are rubbed gently on the inside of each sibling’s cheeks to painlessly collect samples of their DNA for testing.

Once you have collected the samples, use the addressed envelope to return it to our laboratory.

Our highly-skilled team will analyse the DNA samples, looking at up to 42 specific markers to see if they match. We will then be able to tell you with complete accuracy whether your twins or other multiples are identical or non-identical.

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