DNA Test Reveals Gay Lovers are Brothers

A gay couple were revealed on national television to be long-lost brothers after taking a DNA test.

The shocking news was delivered to Paul and Lee on the Jeremy Kyle show, whose DNA testing is supplied by AlphaBiolabs.

The two men were a couple for a couple of years after having met online. They exchanged flirty messages for a full two year before meeting each other in person starting a physical relationship; they were even planning on marrying each other before the discovering that they were related.

Accurate DNA Test Reveals Lovers are Related

They had no idea that they shared the same mother, it was only when Lee’s family and friends first met Paul and noticed a striking similarity between him and his mother’s former husband, Ron.

The men decided to appear on The Jeremy Kyle Show to get to the truth, where they requested a DNA test that they hoped would prove that they did not share the same bloodline.

The brothers had never met before chatting online as Paul was taken into care when he was 18 months old, with Lee later conceived by the same mother, Ena.

Ena said: “When I saw Paul for the first time I instantly thought he looked like my ex-husband Ron. If it turns out Paul is my son I would be so happy and would love to get to know him.”

Shocking News from Conclusive DNA Test Results

The truth of the DNA testing left them speechless as the conclusive results confirmed suspicions that Paul and Lee were actually half-brothers. According to the show, both men have since moved on but remain close as brothers. This is possibly one of the most shocking stories revealed on Jeremy Kyle’s ten year anniversary show, with highlights spanning across the history of the program.

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