If you’re looking for fast, convenient and accurate DNA testing in Cardiff, AlphaBiolabs can help.

Providing a DNA sample for testing couldn’t be simpler. A member of AlphaBiolabs’ trained sample collection team can arrange to come to your home, workplace or a location of your choice. Alternatively, you could visit our new Walk in Centre in Cardiff* to provide your sample in a discreet and neutral environment.

AlphaBiolabs offers a wide range of DNA testing services to customers in Cardiff and the surrounding area. You can choose legal DNA testing which follows strict procedures to produce official results which can be used to provide evidence for court proceedings. There is also the option of taking a less formal Peace of Mind test which will give you the answers you’re looking for. Paternity tests are the most popular form of DNA testing but we also offer maternity, grandparent, sibling, zygosity (twin), Y chromosome and aunt/uncle tests. And don’t worry if your baby hasn’t been born yet as we also provide non-invasive prenatal paternity testing which carries no risk to your pregnancy.

Accurate results at your convenience

If you want fast and accurate DNA results but don’t need to use them for legal purposes, our Peace of Mind tests are a cost-effective and simple option. You can order one of our Peace of Mind DNA tests directly from the AlphaBiolabs website and it will be sent to your home in plain packaging. Simply follow your testing kit’s easy instructions and use the mouth swabs provided to painlessly collect cells from inside your cheek. You can also choose to pop in to our Walk in Centre in Cardiff to take the test there. Once our UK-based laboratory receives your sample for testing, you will receive your confidential results in a password-protected email either on the same day or next working day. This fast and efficient approach to DNA testing saw AlphaBiolabs honoured with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

David Thomas, Managing Director at AlphaBiolabs, said: “We understand that taking a DNA test can be stressful so we have done everything we can to simplify the process for our customers. AlphaBiolabs is the fastest DNA test provider in the UK but speed isn’t everything. We also go the extra mile to ensure accuracy and confidentiality at every stage of the testing process.”

If you need DNA test results as part of legal proceedings, for example for immigration purposes or to provide evidence for a family court case, you will need to attend our Cardiff Walk in Centre or arrange for one of our sample collectors to come to you. This is because strict procedures must be followed to ensure there is no cross-contamination and a stringent chain of custody is maintained at all times.

Our Walk in Centre at Cardiff is manned by expert sample collectors who value the privacy of our customers and understand the importance of accurate collection and preserving the integrity of samples. If you choose a legal DNA test, the results can be submitted as evidence to the UK court system and the Ministry of Justice as well as the UK Passport Office and UK Visas and Immigration service.

*Our Walk in Centre is located at Grange Medical Practice, 25 Bishop Street, Grangetown, Cardiff CF11 6PG

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