DNA Testing Laboratories Secrets

5 secrets other DNA testing laboratories wont tell you There are many companies on the internet today who offer DNA testing, but not all are what they seem and this may reflect on the price of the test, the time taken for you to receive your results and even the validity of the DNA test itself could be in question. Accreditation 1. Get this wrong and the test results may be thrown out of court – Ensure that the laboratory you choose is ISO17025 Accredited. ISO9001 certification does not ensure the laboratory is technically competent. We go to great lengths to make sure that our accreditation is up to date and we have external agencies put our testing processes to the most stringent tests so we can deliver the most accurate DNA tests available. Approved by Government agencies 2. Make this mistake and your DNA test report may be invalid – Ensure you choose a laboratory from the Ministry of Justice list of accredited DNA testers. If not, you may not be able to use the report in a court of law or to change a legal document such as a birth certificate. Here is a full list of accredited laboratories whose DNA test results are approved and recognised by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), Child Maintenance Service (CMS) and the UK Visas and Immigration Service. As you can see from the list AlphaBiolabs is at the top of that list. You need the DNA test, not just the kit 3. Do not be seduced by websites offering free kits – The cost is for the test, not a kit and these companies build in extra charges to compensate them for the kits they have sent out and have not been returned. For example you could receive your DNA sample collection kit for free, but then find out that the laboratory will charge you over £200 for giving you the results. We tell you from the start of the process how much your full DNA test will be. We have a full support team on standby to listen to your personal circumstances and find you the right test for your needs at the right price. When speed matters go UK 4. Fall for this one and you could be waiting for weeks for your DNA test results – Don’t be fooled about companies offering a 3 – 5 day turnaround time. Most companies on the internet do not have a UK based laboratory so they send your samples to the USA or Australia. The 3 – 5 day turnaround time only starts when the samples arrive at the laboratory. IT COULD TAKE WEEKS FOR YOUR SAMPLE TO ARRIVE AT THE LABORATORY. For example Royal Mail air service states on their website that it takes 3 to 7 days to post an item to the USA from the UK, so you will have to wait at least a week before you receive your DNA results back. Ask to see the accreditation certificate UKAS Testing Accreditation5. Do not be conned by false accreditation claims or your results may not be worth the paper they are printed on – Ask to see a copy of the ISO17025 accreditation certificate with the correct company name printed on it. You may be surprised at how difficult this may be. For example most of the websites on the internet outsource their DNA testing to outside of the UK where their evaluation procedures are much less stringent then they are in the UK, which is why they do not and cannot display their certificate of accreditation on their websites. We are happy to display ours and you can review this here.