Our DNA testing services can be accessed in many ways. Our testing kits can be bought on-line, direct from AlphaBiolabs and at High Street stores near you. We also offer nationwide Walk in Centres and sample collectors across the UK.

DNA testing just a click away

DNA testing kits can be bought from our website and posted direct to your home. We offer Paternity, Maternity, Sibling, Twin, Grandparent, Aunt and Uncle, Y Chromosome and Single Profile tests. The kits include:

• A test request/consent form to complete
• Full instructions on how to take the DNA test and return the samples
• A self-addressed envelope to send your DNA test samples back to us
• Three DNA sample collection swab packages containing two swabs in each package
• DNA test sample envelopes for each individual undertaking the testing

It is very easy to collect your DNA samples and it just involves rubbing the swabs provided on the inside of your cheek. These collected buccal cells are then returned to our lab using the self-addressed envelope. You can get your results the next day from as little as £99. Same day results are also available for an extra £70.

Ancestry tests can also be bought online with reports available from 2–3 weeks.

DNA testing at local High Street stores near you

DNA relationship testing kits can also be bought at some local High Street stores. The samples are collected and returned to the lab for processing as outlined above. A processing fee also needs to be returned to the lab at the same time. Results are still available the same day or next day.

DNA testing at Walk in Centres near you

AlphaBiolabs offers a nationwide sample collection service at its 10 Walk in Centres. These are located in North London, South London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Preston, Warrington, Newcastle upon Tyne and Glasgow. Trained collectors are available at these clinics to take DNA samples, which are then returned to the lab.

This service is particularly useful in legal DNA cases, when the tests need to stand as evidence in court or for child custody issues, etc. The sample collector follows strict chain of custody conditions to ensure that the correct individual is providing the sample by checking ID, taking photographs and getting signed paperwork. Legal DNA samples cannot be collected by the individual being tested.

DNA testing sample collection service near you

We also offer a secure, rapid and convenient service from our experienced network of highly qualified sample collectors. A qualified AlphaBiolabs sample collector can visit you at a designated location to collect your sample. This could be your home, place of work, or anywhere else convenient. Strict chain of custody procedures will be followed for legal tests to safeguard the integrity of the sample.

Further details on our DNA testing services can be accessed at our Frequently Asked Questions page. Alternatively, if you have any queries or need further information, please call Customer Services on 0333 600 1300 or email