A brewery has started creating ales which are tailored to the DNA profiles of their customers.

If you have a spare £25,000, you can now get a beer created especially for your genetic code from Meantime Brewery in London. People’s genes affect the way they perceive flavours so this unusual technique could be the answer to finding your perfect ale.

The method was first tested out by Ciaran Giblin, the brewmaster at Meantime, who had his DNA analysed using a swab taken from his cheek. The information was then used to work out his taste preferences so a beverage could be brewed that would tick all the right boxes when it comes to flavour.

The result was a double IPA with a strong and bitter taste to match the information revealed by his genetic test.

Mr Giblin said: “The results gave me the tools I needed to develop a recipe based on the elements my senses are most attuned to enjoy. I’m delighted with the result and opportunity it has given us to really push the boundaries of innovative, personalised brewing.”

Sample is used to work out preferences

Customers wanting to use this service will have a sample of their saliva sent off to a personal genetics firm for DNA analysis and then the results will be used by the brewers to work out which flavours and ingredients to use.

The process will also include a one-to-one consultation where the customer can talk about their likes and dislikes and they will even be able to get involved with the brewing itself by adding ingredients and checking the end result.

Once the product has been brewed, the customer will get at least 2,000 pints-worth of the beer to enjoy at their leisure. They will also get to name the ale and help decide on its packaging design.

The gene which is linked to whether people like sweet or bitter flavours is called TAS2R38.

There are many reasons people might want to find out more about their DNA profile. Some people use the information to display in a piece of unique artwork, while others want to discover more about their ancestry.

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