DNA Testing Shows Adolf Hitler Married A Jewish Woman

Recent ground breaking DNA testing has found that Eva Braun, Hitler’s long term lover and short term wife may have been of Jewish heritage. The news was announced in the channel 4 documentary ‘Dead Famous’ in which leading scientists looked at the DNA from people of interest, in order to analyse their genome to solve mysteries associated with the person.

The DNA Analysis

The DNA analysis of Eva Braun was carried out by testing hair samples from a hair brush that belonged to Braun. The hair brush was found at the end of the second world war in her home at Hitler’s Alpine residence. The hair sample, which was found by an American army officer was tested by forensic scientists, who sequenced the hypervariable region of the mitochondiral DNA from the sample. Through this testing they then determined that Eva Braun was in fact of a Jewish background. They found a specific sequence with in the DNA that is passed down the line from Mother to Daughter unchanged between each generation. It is through this that they discovered Eva was associated with Ashkenazi Jews. During Hitler’s rein he was responsible for the murder of millions of Jews and so was probably completely unaware just hours before his death the woman he married was of Jewish background.

Hitler and Eva Braun

Hitler and Eva Braun famously married just hours before both committing suicide in Hitler’s Berlin bunker. Braun was a photography assistant and just 17 years old when she met Adolf Hitler who was 23 years her senior. Before Hitler could allow the relationship between the two of them to progress he ordered an investigation to be carried out on Braun. Hitler wanted to find out about her background and her family to check that she was 100% ‘Aryan’ before he could let things progress. He was assured after the investigation that she had no Jewish ancestors. With his mind put at ease he then entered into a relationship with Eva Braun. Since the results of the DNA test that proved that Eva was in fact of Jewish ancestry, this has raised the question as to how this would have been missed through Hitler’s investigation. A logical answer to this question is that Braun would have had no knowledge of the fact she was of a Jewish background. It seems that during the 19th century many Ashkenazi Jews who were living in Germany chose to convert to Catholicism, and as Eva attended a Catholic school, is is most likely that Braun’s family chose to covert. The end result of the DNA test is outstanding. It puts to bed any ideas that racism and religion should separate people and one group be classed as superior to another. This theory has been made a mockery of through the DNA test of Eva Braun, who married Hitler, hater of all Jewish people, with her Jewish heritage. It is truly amazing what a DNA test can prove.

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