Don’t ignore child neglect warns CPC Scotland

Don’t ignore child neglect warns CPC Scotland

A better future, for every child is the theme of this year’s World Children’s Day on 20th November. The day will involve children taking over high-visibility roles that are normally held by adults in the media, politics, business, sport and entertainment, to shine a spotlight on issues that matter to them. Schools and landmark buildings around the world will also light up blue on the day to show support for child rights.

A better future, for every child is also something that Child Protection Committees Scotland (CPC Scotland) is highlighting this month. Top of their agenda is that the issue of child neglect must not be ignored.

Poor outcomes affect life chances

CPC Scotland has long recognised neglect as one of the most damaging of childhood experiences. It is associated with some of the poorest behavioural, emotional and cognitive outcomes. These poor outcomes go on to affect the children’s life chances and contribute significantly to widening social, economic and health inequalities.

To help address the issue, CPC Scotland has published a framework offering guidance for all child protection professionals across Scotland. It sets out a range of approaches that recognise and give deeper importance to the identification, management and reduction of cases of child neglect. The aim is to encourage a better understanding of neglect and what actions may be taken to manage, reduce, or prevent the impact of neglect on children and families, as well as on wider society.

Official statistics record neglect and emotional abuse as the two most common concerns on child protection registers. As we enter an economically uncertain winter, CPC Scotland is concerned that reduced income alongside increased food and fuel poverty, may begin to take an even greater toll on families, increasing levels of child neglect.

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