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Many people have good intentions to start the New Year with ‘Dry January’ and get fit with new gym memberships but how many follow it through?

Per the NHS new evidence around the health harms from regular drinking have emerged in recent years. The notion that some level of alcohol was good for the heart has been revised with evidence that moderate alcohol consumption is less strong than previously thought.  The NHS state that there is no ‘safe level’ of drinking.

Statistics show that alcohol misuse in the workplace impact heavily on businesses and productivity levels, costing an expense on your organisation. Consequences include absenteeism, inefficiency, poor decision making and the occurrence of more frequent mistakes. £12.2 billion is spent each year on alcohol-sickness absence costs in the UK (Faculty of Public Health, 2006)

Maintaining a safe working environment is imperative for employers and by carrying out a random workplace alcohol testing screen it’s possible to identify alcohol abusers before an accident occurs and sanction the necessary treatment.

Here at AlphaBiolabs we can help you to create a bespoke workplace testing programme for your business and implement this policy for a fully managed solution.

We understand the disruption that can be caused if key personnel provide a non-negative sample. That’s why we have developed a rapid testing service to provide laboratory-confirmed results the same day if required. AlphaBiolabs is currently the only UK lab that can offer this swift service.

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