Drug and alcohol collection officer training

Drug and alcohol collection officer training

Drug and alcohol collection training is increasingly in demand as businesses understand the value of rapid on-site testing, when and where needed. If a workplace, with a fully functioning drug and alcohol policy in place, suffers an incident involving drugs or alcohol, it could call AlphaBiolabs’ team of sample collectors to arrange a test on-site. The 2-hour rapid response service aims to get to any company UK-wide within a designated 120-minute slot. However, speed is of the essence following a workplace incidence to accurately measure the levels of drugs and/or alcohol in a person’s system.

For example, in the case of alcohol, it takes about 1 hour for a body to break down 1 unit of alcohol. This deterioration is different for each person and can be affected by an individual’s weight, age, sex, body metabolism, and the type, strength and amount of alcohol drunk. Even a 2-hour rapid response service would not be able to gain an accurate level of alcohol at the time the incident occurred.

Train your on-site staff

AlphaBiolabs’ range of workplace collection training can overcome this problem. We offer urine sample collection training, oral fluid sample collection training and breathalyser training so a member of your own staff can effectively perform drug and/or alcohol testing to the same standards as AlphaBiolabs’ sample collectors.

These three training courses are intended to provide the trainee with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand how to collect urine, saliva or breath samples from a sample donor. The courses go into detail about the collection process, how to deal with problems that may arise, how to maintain confidentiality of information, and the importance of chain of custody. It is essential that the chain of custody conditions are adhered to so the results of drug and/or alcohol testing will be legally defensible should a sample donor contest the results. The courses also stress the importance of correct documentation and the process of non-negative results.

There is opportunity within the training courses to also study a company’s own drug and alcohol testing policy. Our trainer is there to provide help and guidance, and answer any questions.

Train the Trainer for drug and alcohol testing

The Train the Trainer course is more in-depth and provides a trainee (usually an experienced manager) with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand the collection of oral fluid, urine or breath from a sample donor and to pass that information on to other trainees. Completion of this course allows the manager to undertake testing when required by the company, and to train others as effectively.

Enquire about drug and alcohol collection officer training

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