Drug Test Results in Three Days

Customers needing hair strand drug and alcohol tests can now get their results in just three working days. AlphaBiolabs has launched a faster service this week which will make it easier for people, companies and organisations to get clear and accurate answers they can act on quickly. Hair strand drug testing is a highly accurate way of looking in detail at someone’s history of substance misuse. Depending on the length of the hair samples submitted for analysis, the test can look at whether an individual has consumed drugs over a period of up to 12 months. In contrast, urine and blood tests can only reveal whether someone has taken drugs or consumed alcohol recently and will give no indication of previous substance misuse. The hair strand tests work by detecting the presence of metabolites which are left behind after drugs are consumed. These metabolites remain in the hair shaft as it grows so drug use can be identified long after the actual substance has been taken. The length of time the test covers makes it a popular method for child protection and family law cases.

Commitment to quality and efficiency

Introducing a faster turnaround for hair strand test results is part of a continued commitment by AlphaBiolabs to speed up the testing process without compromising on quality or accuracy. We already offer the fastest DNA testing in the world with next day results available as standard. As a result of further innovation, same day testing is also available for those who need the results of a paternity test as soon as possible. Our efforts to make testing quicker and more efficient saw the company accept a prestigious award last year and it received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. We offer hair strand drug and alcohol tests to a range of customers including employers, legal firms, courts and members of the public. Our legal tests follow strict procedures and maintain a secure chain of custody so the results are admissible as evidence in court proceedings. Workplace drug testing is used by companies and organisations to ensure their staff are not misusing drugs or alcohol.