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In a bid to prevent the negative effects that drugs misuse can have on productivity, staff morale and absenteeism, drug testing for work is on the increase.

According to government guidance [1], employers should:

  • limit testing to employees that need to be tested
  • ensure the tests are random
  • not single out particular employees for testing unless this is justified by the nature of their jobs

Benefits of random drug testing for work

Random drug testing for work is the only way to determine conclusively whether drugs are in someone’s system. It is also an ideal way to ensure that employees are working in a safe environment. Routine testing has been shown to reduce accidents, absenteeism and litigation, which can all impact on business productivity. It can also save a business money in lost revenue and help safeguard health and safety measures.

Random drug testing can be undertaken with short or no notice, and exactly who is to be tested will be unknown by the workforce. As such, random testing greatly reduces the chances of substance-abusing employees using tactics to avoid a test, or change their habits in time to escape a positive result during the testing detection time.

Pre-employment drug testing for work is another deterrent that discourage substance abusers from applying for a position and establishes a company ethos for everyone to adhere to. Combined with regular workplace drug testing, this will encourage all staff to follow the rules, reducing your potential for revenue loss and legal problems.

It is crucial that drug testing for work is performed legally and accurately by a professional testing company that is fully certified and accredited. AlphaBiolabs can send specialised sample collectors to visit a business premises, carry out testing, as well as provide confirmation testing back at the laboratory if needed. Full chain of custody conditions are followed to ensure legally defensible results.

Training can also be provided for a nominated employee to take sample collections as and when needed on site.

AlphaBiolabs can create a bespoke workplace drug testing programme for your business and implement this policy for a fully managed solution. For a consultation with no obligation, or information on any of our workplace testing services, call us on 0333 600 1300, email at, or visit our website at