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Are you looking for reliable and accurate drug testing in Cardiff? AlphaBiolabs can detect a wide range of substances using a variety of drug testing methods including analysis of urine, saliva, hair samples and even nail clippings.

Which drug test is right for you depends on the reason behind the test and the timescale you are interested in. If you need to know whether an individual has used a drug within the last few days, urine and oral fluid (saliva) tests are a convenient and effective option, giving immediate results. If you want to gain an accurate picture of someone’s history of substance misuse, we can provide an overview of any drug use over several months by testing nail clippings or hair strands.

AlphaBiolabs offers drug testing services in Cardiff to a range of clients including employers wanting to monitor their staff, social workers and solicitors and members of the public. Legal drug testing is necessary if the results are to be used as evidence in court proceedings. This involves professional collection and secure delivery to our testing laboratory using a strict chain of custody.

We are also proud to offer workplace drug testing to businesses in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Our team can work with you to develop a drug testing programme whether you are looking to monitor staff with random tests, check on an employee with a history of addiction or carry out an investigation of an incident. We also offer pre-employment drug testing as part of the recruitment process, which can be particularly important when looking to fill safety-critical positions.

Simple collection process

At AlphaBiolabs, we aim to make the drug testing process as simple as possible for our customers. Our network of experienced and highly trained sample collectors can visit you at a time and place to suit you and follow chain of custody procedures to prevent any potential tampering or contamination. You can also choose to call into our Walk in Centre in Cardiff (Grange Medical Practice in Grangetown) to provide a sample. Using a Walk in Centre can save you money and reduce the overall cost of the drug testing process.

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