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Would you know how to recognise when someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work? Is your company legally compliant and aware of the legislation surrounding drug and alcohol abuse?

If your answer is no, not really, or you’re not sure, then AlphaBiolabs’ range of awareness and education training courses may be just what you need.

Safeguard your business

To successfully implement a workplace drugs and alcohol policy, it is critical that those responsible for its successful delivery and ongoing performance are sufficiently trained. Any workplace incident that is related to drugs and alcohol can be costly for a company – not only financially as a result of industrial tribunals and legal fines – but in terms of brand damage. In addition, with industry-specific rules and regulations and various regulating bodies, employers need training to keep up to date with legislation relevant to their industry.

Improve health and safety at work

A crucial step towards a safer and more productive workplace is to educate the workforce to combat substance misuse in the workplace. With AlphaBiolabs this training can be customised for the industry sector and is designed to be relevant for employees at all levels within the business, from contracted and temporary workers, to managers and directors. AlphaBiolabs can provide you with the necessary training in the form of straightforward and comprehensive training seminars, conducted on your premises and tailored to suit your individual company needs.

Training and education can be used to create a strong foundation to a drug and alcohol policy but it can also be part of an on-going process for continual development and commitment to procedures. Training can be incorporated whether it is highlighting an existing policy, prior to amendments or as an introduction to a completely new policy.

What does the drug testing training include?

Awareness training can reduce any ambiguity about what is unacceptable and provide guidance on what action will be taken if someone is involved with, or accused of, drug or alcohol misuse within the workplace. Training topics include:

  •  How drugs and alcohol affect the workplace
  • The signs and symptoms of misuse
  •  Employees’ responsibility
  •  The company’s responsibility
  •  How the company will deal with a breach of the policy
  •  Counselling and support available

Sample collection

AlphaBiolabs can also train a representative of your company’s staff to perform workplace testing and sample collection to the highest standards. They will be trained on how to collect samples for workplace drug testing and retain the chain of custody. Competency training is also available for those who are already trained in sample collection, to ensure that these standards are adhered to by your chosen representative.

Find out how AlphaBiolabs can create a bespoke workplace drug and alcohol testing programme for your business and implement this policy for a fully managed solution. For information on this or any of our workplace testing services, call us on 0333 600 1300, email at, or visit our website at