Family Mediation Week

Family mediation could help families build a more positive future

The Family Mediation Council (FMC) is raising awareness of the benefits that mediation can bring to families this Family Mediation Week.

The national initiative, which begins today (17th January) and runs until 21st January, has been designed to highlight the importance of mediation for separating families across the UK.

The FMC, a non-profit organisation, will be running a series of webinars and blog posts around the issue, as well as publishing resources and news stories to explain the benefits of mediation.

Why does mediation matter?

Family mediation is a valuable tool for separating families, enabling people to make important decisions together and maintain good relations.

During the process, a trained professional mediator works with the family to make arrangements for children and finances following a separation.

This helps reduce stress and ensures families have the proper support. This is especially important when legally binding decisions must be made, such as the provision of child maintenance or custody arrangements.  

The FMC provides a variety of resources via its website, to help separating families better understand the family mediation process.

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