Family who took DNA test ‘as a joke’ find out that husband is not son’s biological dad

A U.S. couple who ordered an at-home DNA test ‘for fun’ soon found their world turned upside down.

Donna and Vanner Johnson from Utah were hoping to learn a little more about themselves when they ordered a home DNA testing kit.

However, when they received their results, the pair were shocked to learn that their 12-year-old son wasn’t biologically Vanner’s child.

The boy had been conceived using IVF treatment at a specialist clinic, where it appears there was a mix-up and Donna’s egg was fertilised using a stranger’s sperm.

The clinic that carried out the couple’s fertility treatment has since confirmed that a stranger’s sperm was used to fertilise Donna’s egg.

Donna said she knew something was wrong when the results showed that their oldest child was only a half-sibling to his younger brother, related through her.

Vanner recalled: “When I looked at that page and saw mum for him and father unknown, I thought, ‘what do you mean, father unknown? I am his father.”

After a year had passed, Donna and Vanner made the decision to track down their son’s biological father, who had attended the clinic on the same day as them. They have since travelled to meet the man and his partner.

Both couples are now in the process of taking legal action against the fertility clinic in question.

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