Fast turnaround test for COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Fast turnaround test for COVID-19 (coronavirus)

If you’re looking for a fast turnaround test for COVID-19 (coronavirus), no matter your circumstances, AlphaBiolabs can provide you with a test that will give you answers as quickly as 15 minutes or, using one of our laboratory-analysed PCR tests, as soon as the same day.

Employers and members of the public alike can benefit from rapid test results from AlphaBiolabs’ range of COVID-19 tests, including the Rapid Workplace Antigen test, the Workplace PCR test, the Home PCR test and the Fit to Fly PCR Test.

The Antigen test is available to employers and is designed to quickly screen staff for active cases of COVID-19. The portable, lateral-flow device included in the screening kit will show a positive or negative result when a nose and throat swab sample is soaked into the absorbent strip (when mixed with a buffer liquid).

The kit is very easy to use and can be carried out on-site by the tested individuals themselves. Within 15 minutes, the test will give a result allowing employers to take rapid action where an employee tests positive.

Employers can also use a laboratory-analysed PCR test, which will also determine whether an employee has an active case of COVID-19. The sample is collected in the same way as that of the Antigen test, however the sample is sent to our accredited laboratory where it is examined for viral RNA – the DNA of a virus – where it is present, a positive result can be determined.

Likewise, the Home PCR test works in the same way and both tests can deliver results the same day (for an additional fee and where the sample reaches us before 11am). Or, results are sent to you the next working day, as standard.

Availability of NHS testing has certainly improved since the early days of COVID-19, but since NHS tests are still only available to people presenting with COVID-19 symptoms, and they can take up to 5 days in some circumstances to return a result, testing with a private provider can save a lot of time and worry.

When you need a rapid result for travel purposes, AlphaBiolabs Fit to Fly PCR test can return a result to you the same day, along with a certificate that shows you are fit to travel, where your sample has returned a negative result. 

Testing expertise

AlphaBiolabs has been conducting laboratory-based testing since 2004. For more than 15 years we have conducted DNA, drug and alcohol testing and have since launched our testing services in the USA.

We understand the importance and the urgency of tests such as these and our considerable COVID-19 testing capacity is housed within our own COVID-19 dedicated, world-class laboratory.

How to order a fast turnaround test for COVID-19

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