Gifts for twins

Gifts for twins

Buying gifts for twins can be a problem. Do you buy two lots of the same thing? Or do you buy the same present but in different colours? Or do you buy completely different items and hope they each like theirs and not their twin’s?

An increasing and novel use of a DNA twin test is to create a unique piece of art from each twin’s DNA profile. The zygosity certificate shows which DNA markers the twins have in common. This in itself can be displayed in a frame to highlight the similarities, or differences, between the twins. Alternatively, the DNA results can be turned into a striking piece of wall art. This would also make an ideal gift for multiple birth parents as well as their children.

How does DNA twin testing work?

Twin DNA testing, also known as zygosity twin testing, involves analysing tiny amounts of DNA from inside each twin’s mouth. The DNA is found in buccal cells so all you need to do is rub a swab on the inside of each sibling’s cheek to collect the cells. Full instructions are included in the testing kit, which can be ordered online and sent direct to your home address.

When the samples arrive back at our laboratory, our scientists examine specific markers present in repeat sections of the DNA samples. These 35 Short Tandem Repeat (STR) loci include the Amelogenin (gender) locus. The DNA seen at each of these STR loci is compared between the tested siblings. Identical twins will share the same DNA profile whereas non-identical twins (fraternal twins) will have different DNA profiles.

This DNA test can also be used to test more multiple siblings such as triplets, quadruplets, etc. You can add more siblings to the test when ordering online.

A DNA test for twins costs just £99 for next day results. Same day results can also be made available for an extra £70. Both of these tests can be ordered direct from our website. The price includes the easy-to-use twin test kit and a Zygosity Certificate, which shows which DNA markers the twins matched at.

For more information on zygosity twin testing, please contact AlphaBiolabs on 0333 600 1300. You can also email us at