A 15-year-old girl from Morecambe, Lancs cheated death after smoking the former legal high Spice. The girl collapsed at home after she had taken a cocktail of drugs made up of Spice and two other types of synthetic cannabis.

Her distraught mother Cheryl Howe, was told by medics that her daughter would only have a slim chance of survival when her heart stopped twice. She was then put in a coma for 40 hours and came around two days later.

Warning to parents

Long term Spice users commonly are at risk of mental health issues which include hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and intense fear and paranoia.

Cheryl said “No parent should have to see what I’ve seen. I planned her funeral while I sat and watched her in hospital.” Cheryl added “she also has depression, low self-esteem and she is angry all the time”.

The mother has released photos of her daughter in her hospital bed to the media to warn young people and hopefully it will put them off taking illicit drugs.

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