AlphaBiolabs, used by The Jeremy Kyle Show, offers the best DNA home kit for paternity testing, according to a new website.

Dnatestingchoice, launched recently by biology graduate Craig Macpherson, compares the various DNA home testing kits on offer, rating each one on accuracy, speed and price.

AlphaBiolabs is the only testing laboratory in the UK accredited for DNA testing using 24 markers, giving the most accurate result possible, using up to the minute technology.  Its DNA home paternity testing kit includes cheek swabs and consent forms, which must be signed and posted back to the laboratory.  Priced from £99.00, results are usually delivered by email the next working day and are password protected for additional security.

On his website, Macpherson awarded the kit a top rating of five stars, commenting: “…I felt the service AlphaBiolabs provided was excellent, they were professional and very fast.  I would use them again to test whether I was the biological father of a child”.

The Best Home DNA Test Kit

The laboratory’s director, David Thomas, said: “We’re delighted to have been voted the best home DNA paternity testing kit in the UK.  The launch of dnatestingchoice means that consumers can now make an informed choice with regards to buying the best quality home testing kits, in what is still a relatively unregulated industry.  The unbiased, independent information made available to them is invaluable in encouraging transparency among retailers in this sector”.