How accurate is the COVID-19 antibody test? How does the test work? Who can buy a testing kit? Read our latest expert guide to find out…

How accurate is the COVID-19 antibody test?

Since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, the internet has become awash with information and testing products for sale. Many varieties and suppliers of tests are available, and it’s difficult to know how reliable and accurate some of those COVID-19 antibody tests really are.

Here at AlphaBiolabs, we have been conducting laboratory-based testing since 2004. We have provided rapid and accurate results to thousands of customers taking what can often be life-changing DNA, drug and alcohol tests.

The quality and service we provide is something we pride ourselves on and we are pleased to do the same with our NHS-approved, globally recognised IgM-IgG combined antibody test.

Our IgM-IgG Combined Antibody Rapid Test was one of the world’s first rapid screening tests. It is used widely across Germany as part of its testing program and has been deemed ‘fit for use’ by our own NHS – becoming part of a staff-wide screening scheme within a North West–based NHS trust.

Feedback from that NHS trust confirms that there is a ‘high correlation’ between the results of the AlphaBiolabs antibody screening device, and those of the hospital’s own rt PCR samples.

The NHS evaluation determined that after 21 days from the point of infection, the diagnostic sensitivity of our immunoassay is 98.8% for IgM and 100% for IgG. Diagnostic specificity for IgM and IgG was also notified at 100%.

From our manufacturers, performance data shows the diagnostic sensitivity for IgG detection is 99.9%. In addition, the diagnostic sensitivity for IgM detection is 91.8%.

The AlphaBiolabs antibody test has dual capacity and screens for both COVID-19-specific IgM and IgG antibodies, providing vital information about the stage of infection within an individual.

Thanks to its dual detection system, it can identify a coronavirus infection from as far as 21 days after exposure to another infected individual, and from as little as 7 days since the onset of symptoms.

When looking after your workforce means more than providing a safe and clean environment to work in, our coronavirus testing kits to detect COVID-19 infection can help you reassure your employees they are returning to a virus-free, COVID-safe workplace, in addition to offering them an opportunity to be tested that they might not otherwise get.

All our COVID-19 screening kit devices are CE-marked for professional use. If you require more information about our instant COVID-19 antibody testing devices or wish to discuss our ‘back to lab’ laboratory screening for IgG, contact our Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300, or email to find the right testing solution for your business, and visit our Learning Centre page for more information.

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