How do I find out my antibody levels for Covid-19

How do I find out my antibody levels for Covid‑19?

You can find out your Covid-19 antibody levels by providing a small sample of your blood for laboratory analysis.

AlphaBiolabs offers a simple and affordable Covid antibody and immunity test that will tell you not only whether Covid-specific antibodies were detected, but at what levels they were found. Our scientists examine blood samples for the presence of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) – the most common antibody found in blood and bodily fluids.

IgG antibodies remember which pathogens your body has been exposed to, so if you come across them again, your immune system can quickly respond and destroy them. This means that if you have previously been infected by Covid-19, your blood should contain Covid-specific IgG antibodies.

You will also develop these antibodies after receiving a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

By finding out the level of Covid antibodies in your blood, you will get a good indication of how prepared your immune system is to cope with fighting off a coronavirus infection in the future.

The Covid-19 antibody and immunity test offered by AlphaBiolabs can be ordered online for just £49.50.

You will receive a sample collection kit in the post that will contain everything you need, including simple instructions and two sterile lancets (one to use and a spare), which will allow you to safely collect a small sample of your blood from your fingertip.

Once you have your sample, all you have to do is send it back to our award-winning laboratory based in the UK using the pre-paid and tracked envelope included in your kit. You will then receive your confidential result by email within three days of AlphaBiolabs receiving your sample.

What do my results mean?

When you receive your results, they will tell you whether or not Covid antibodies were detected in your blood. If they were, you will also receive details of your antibody levels.

This number is likely to between 0.25 (very low) and 1.5 (very high) on the antibody concentration scale. Your results will tell you whether your antibody level is considered low, medium, high, or not detected.

The results of an antibody and immunity test cannot guarantee that you will not catch Covid-19 but the information may help you decide whether you need a booster dose of a vaccine, or if you need to take additional precautions to protect yourself from infection.

You may also want to monitor your antibody levels by taking another test in the future. As it is not yet known how long Covid-specific antibodies can remain in your system, regular antibody testing is recommended.

Tests should be carried out every one to two months. Please note that you should not take an antibody test within 14 days of a Covid vaccination or receiving a positive test result for the virus.

To find out your own Covid antibody levels now, order your test today.