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Pregnancy can be an anxious and stressful time for any mother or potential father. Especially if the identity of the father cannot be accurately established. One method to solve this issue is a prenatal paternity test. The technique is used during pregnancy to pinpoint the identity of the father. In situations where the identity is uncertain, a prenatal test can accurately confirm a biological link from as little as 6 weeks after conception.

The method differs from classical paternity tests because it is performed prior to birth. The major advantage of this technique is that the mother can identify the father far sooner. This results in less anxiety and absolute certainty to make decisions and plan for the future. Typical prenatal tests are more invasive than traditional paternity tests. This is because the unborn baby’s DNA needs to be extracted from the mother. However, modern techniques, such as those used by AlphaBiolabs, now make prenatal tests non-invasive and completely safe. Our advanced technique poses no risk to the mother or the unborn baby.

How does the prenatal paternity test work?

The prenatal test procedure works by collecting DNA samples and then analysing these to determine an accurate match. Since DNA is inherited from both the mother and the father, a match will exist when the man is related to the baby. This can confirm without question the identity of the father. DNA is collected from the mother, the suspected father, and the unborn baby by use of advanced techniques.

How will the samples be collected?

Unlike other prenatal test methods that involve the extraction of amniotic fluid (from the womb), our skilled DNA testing team can analyse an unborn baby’s DNA using a blood sample from the mother. DNA from the alleged father is easily taken using a mouth swab on his inside cheek.

The mother’s blood sample must be collected by a medical professional, such as a doctor, a nurse or an AlphaBiolabs sample collector. Since blood samples break down quickly, they must be sent for testing as soon as possible after collection. It is worth noting that the alleged father’s DNA does not have to be collected in the same venue. However, it is advised that the samples are collected around the same time to avoid any delays in the testing process. Walk in Centres operated by AlphaBiolabs are recommended and allow the mother and suspected father to give their samples in a safe and convenient environment.

The prenatal paternity test costs £875 and can be ordered here. Password-protected results will be available within 7 working days. Should you want to receive the results faster, you can pay an extra £200 to receive the results in 4 working days. To help you pay for this test, a 6-months interest-free credit option is also available upon request. Call now on 0333 600 1300 to apply.

How do I get a prenatal paternity test?

You For further information, please contact our Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 or email