Are you looking to implement a comprehensive Covid-19 testing programme in your workplace?

AlphaBiolabs is an award-winning UK laboratory and can provide all the coronavirus testing services your business might need. We can provide a package of competitively-priced services tailored to your company’s specific requirements and guide you through the process of setting up a full testing programme.

Testing your staff for Covid-19 is an effective way of protecting the health of your employees, reducing absenteeism and maintaining productivity and profitability. You might choose to test staff members who develop symptoms at work, or you may decide to ask workers to take a test before coming on site each day.

Rapid lateral flow tests now make it possible for businesses and organisations to regularly test employees on their own premises, with results available in less than 30 minutes. Our premium, individually-packed and easy-to-use tests allow employers to detect positive cases and put the necessary protective measures in place, even when the workers themselves are completely symptom-free.

Fast, accurate results

Rapid workplace testing means businesses don’t have to wait for an NHS test before taking appropriate action to protect the rest of the workforce.

AlphaBiolabs also offers the ‘gold standard’ PCR testing with same day results from our own in-house Covid-19 testing laboratory. AlphaBiolabs can even provide businesses with professionally trained sample collectors to visit on site and oversee the sample collection process.

PCR tests are extremely accurate and use a scientific method called polymerase chain reaction to copy genetic material from samples to analyse for evidence of the virus.

Our dedicated, purpose-built Covid-19 laboratory uses cutting-edge technology to provide same-day results for our business customers, so managers can make quick decisions on which staff need to self-isolate and which areas of the business may need to be closed and deep-cleaned.

To find out more about a bespoke Covid-19 testing programme for your business, please call our knowledgeable Workplace Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 or email

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AlphaBiolabs offers a range of COVID-19 testing options for private individuals and businesses