How does a coronavirus antibody test work? How accurate are the results? Read our latest expert guide to find out…

How does a coronavirus antibody test work?

A coronavirus antibody test can detect if a person currently has coronavirus, or has had coronavirus before and has since recovered. It does this by testing an individual’s blood for coronavirus antibodies to see if they have been exposed to COVID-19.

Also known as serological testing, coronavirus antibody testing could be the key to beating this pandemic. The test will enable key workers and frontline staff to know if they have been infected with, and have recovered from, the virus so they can return to work. If they have already beaten the virus, they will have gained some immunity to it.

The coronavirus swab test that the Government currently uses can only tell whether a person has the virus, not if they have had it and recovered. These swab tests also take much longer to get a result (2-3 days). The results from a coronavirus antibody test can be made available within 15 minutes.

Rapid and accurate coronavirus antibody test

After extensive research, AlphaBiolabs is able to offer a rapid and highly accurate immunoassay antibody test for coronavirus and COVID-19 infections. It works by detecting both early and late marker antibodies in human finger-prick blood samples.

The early antibody is immunoglobulin M (IgM), which is the first antibody to respond to an initial exposure. The immune system’s secondary response is immunoglobulin G (IgG). The AlphaBiolabs antibody test screens for both COVID-19 specific IgM and IgG antibodies.

The screening test is very easy to perform and just involves four simple steps:

  • Collect the finger prick blood sample
  • Add the blood sample to the testing device
  • Add 2–3 drops of buffer to the sample
  • Get your results after 15 minutes

The results appear as (up to) three detection lines in the detection window. A control (C) line appears when the sample flows through the immunoassay device showing that it is operational. The M line appears when the coronavirus IgM antibody has been detected, and the appearance of the G line denotes that the coronavirus IgG antibody has been detected.

The AlphaBiolabs IgM-IgG Combined Antibody Rapid Test for business and professional use is currently available on our website. For more information, please contact our Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300, or email